Silverbullets cast bullets

High quality Silverbullets cast bullets are a modern and reasonably priced alternative to traditional lead bullets and jacketed bullets for reloading.

The optimal lead composition used in our bullets results in the desired bullet strength which combined with high quality bullet wax, effectively deters the build-up of lead in the firearm. The strength of the bullet itself does not guarantee the lack of lead deposits rather the exact composition is significant in preventing the build-up of lead in the firearm. This enables the reloader a reasonable velocity of at least 400-500m/sec without significant lead build up.

Silverbullets cast bullets are a completely different product compared to traditional soft lead bullets. The remarkable difference in quality can be seen in the hardness of Silverbullets bullets which is about 17 BHN while soft lead bullets produced from pure lead have a hardness of only 5 BHN.

The difficulty with traditional lead bullets is usually the build-up of lead in the firearm especially with faster velocity. This problem is minimized by using hard lead cast bullets and high quality bullet wax. Silverbullets bullets represent a new generation in lead bullets.

The external design of bullets is also a distinguishing factor. Traditional lead bullets are grey and sticky while Silverbullet bullets are a shiny grey with a smooth surface that does not stain fingers.

Hard cast lead bullets are competitive in many ways also compared to copper jacketed bullets. The advantages to jacketed bullets include: lower price, lower pipe friction which results in higher velocity with the same amount of gun powder as well as a reduced risk of ricochet when shooting in indoor shooting areas.

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